Going Green

Even though we are a non-profit group we still feel we have an impact on the environment through the activities we do, filming is an energy intensive hobby therefore we feel we should do our bit to help save the environment. We are following the three R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We have broken our work down into three key areas, Pre-Production, Production and Post Production and come up with plans to tackle our energy use and resource use and how we can be green in each of these areas.

We have decided to follow guidance as set out by Recycle Now. To view their guidance head over to www.recyclenow.com


So we have decided that during pre-production when we are writing scripts, planning and meeting to getting the films into action we use lots of electricity, paper, food and much more. We feel this is an area in which we can improve to ensure we are more environmentally friendly

We know that we use vast amounts of paper during planning so here is how we plan to reduce this. For communications we plan to use mainly email reducing paper used for letters. Our emails will also contain a footer reminding the recipient that if it not necassary to print the email, not to print and save paper. Any paper we do use and have finished with will be shredded and recycled.

We will ensure that equipment used is energy efficient and turned off when not in use. We will endeavour to reuse all materials possible.

Of course, as we are sure you are aware, we are only human and have to eat. We have agreed as a team that we will attempt to purchase food for meeting which is environmentally friendly with regard to packaging, the packaging will be recycled after use. Any leftover food will be offered to those present at the meeting to be taken away with them or it will be placed in compost bins or food waste bins to be collected for composting.


We are aware that this area of our hobby will generate potentially large quantities of waste so we have decided we will attempt to minimize waste as much as possible. We have generated many plans with how to combat waste. We have listed some below.

During production we will wherever possible opt to use low energy lighting, all batteries used will be rechargable. Wood and building materials used for set will be sourced from sustainable sources.

Once filming has wrapped and set is no longer required we will of course recycle all materials used if possible or it will be disposed of following local waste disposal legislation. If any costumes can be reused they will be or will be donated to charity if no longer required. Any equipment no longer required will be donated to charity or sold to fund future projects.


Even after the films are finished and we enter the post-production stage they still leave huge trails of waste behind them and as such we have decided that we want to minimize this as much as possible. We have like above agreed that if possible anything that can be will be donated to charity. If this is not possible it will be recycled under local waste legislation.

We are aware that we can do so much more to help the environment and over time we will increase the amount of what we do. As we recycle more, use less and waste less we will of course inform you about this by updating this page.